Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Stitching update - 24.11.09

Well, where has the time gone?
My Quaker Diamonds kit has finally arrived safely from America and is now put away in the stash chest.
I'm busy every night during 'I'm a celebrity, get me out of here' frantically stityching the beads onto my Chatelaine. The last ones should be on tonight, then I just need to add the Bicones, cubes and other bigger bedas and its done! I've sorted the materials out for my 'Moonlite Orchid' piece, just needed to order some fabric and a few beads in, so they should be here when I get home tonight. This is my next piece to stitch and the fingers are twitching to get on with it, but the Chatelaine must be finished first! hopefully my next update will be of the complted piece, watch this space....


  1. Nice stash. So looking forward to seeing the pic of your completed piece. :0)

  2. Bead faster ..... i'm so looking forward to seeing this finished ... only kidding LOL

  3. Hey Julia I am drooling over Quaker Diamonds- maybe the man in red will help out !!!