Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Chatelaine Peacock Garden-part 5 completed.

Finally I have found a few hours this week to get this months part completed. What with the sunny weather and going away for a break, Dog shows etc this piece has been rarther forgotton about. Anyway, here are the first two proud peacocks sitting in their garden. I have also added the beads too.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Orchid qualifies too

Not to be outdone by her mother, Orchid managed to get the 3rd place in the GR Junior Bitch class at Scottish Kennel Club Champ show today which gived her Crufts 2011 qualification. It was a hard class and I never thought she would get placed with the judge we had and the fact she isn't in full coat yet, but placed she did. I'm one very happy bunny today!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

A break from the norm...

A change of scenery was just what the dogtor ordered... Brook & I have been away for a few days in the caravan up in the Cheviot Foot Hills and spent every day out walking. We had a fab time and thoroughly enjoyed our break away from it all.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Crufts Qualified.....but who?

At the Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria, all three of my dogs were shown, the two girls both in qualifier classes, and a certain lady was placed 3rd qualifier, but it wasn't Orchid....it was her Mum!!!!
Willow hasn't been shown at Champ level since 2004, and this year I have shown her 3 times in the Veteran bitches, this time was her lucky 3rd attempt, and bless her she showed her socks off!  I think she is sick of being outdone by her daughter recently. I wasn't planning on showing her any more till later in the year as her coat is starting to drop now. Never thought I'd get another qualifier with Willow so late on in her life, she's meant to be retired now, what a way to do it!!

Peacock Garden - part 4 finished

Finally after a marathon month of stitching, I have finished part 4!
Now to start on part 5........