Sunday, 6 December 2009

Midland Golden Retriever Chanp Show - Coventry - 6.12.09

Another busy weekend with a trip down to Coventry for Orchid only, around 500 miles round trip! Orchid was in strong competition but did manage a very respectable 5th in Puppy Bitch class.The Bitch puppy that won the class also managed to gain her Junior title & stud book number, so that gives you an idea of what the competition was like.
On the down side though, my car was bumped outside my cousins house before we left, so it looks like I'm going to have to get a courtesy car arranged through the insurance, and hopefully get it fixed before my next shows. Why does it have to happen just before Christmas! At least the dogs & I were safe.


  1. Your woofits are just so gorgeous Julia, what is it about reteivers, Hope the car isnt too much of an ouch, they seem to charge the earth even for a simple repair. Our house jumped out and hit the back of the car,a few weeks ago and I had to have stern words as it cost us an arm and a leg! Dh was not amused ,but he was driving.
    Hugs for woofits from Ollie.

  2. Well done Orchid. I'm sorry about the little accident, good job the other driver owned up and didnt just drive away.

  3. More Congratulations. Orchid is doing so well. :0)
    Glad you weren't hurt - hope it's a quick fix.