Monday, 15 March 2010

Crufts update

I'm pleased to say that Orchid was shortlisted in her class, but wasn't placed. Even to get this far is a great achievement especially when she will only be 1 year old tomorrow.
Unfotunately Brook didn't get anything but he still looked good and enjoyed himself.

Our next challenge is to get qualified for Crufts 2011..........


  1. Winners or not I bet it was a good experience for all of you. They are both lovely looking dogs.

  2. Congratulations to Orchid - and Brook is very handsome! You look really nervous in that first picture Julia - it must have been nerve-wracking1 good luck with the qualification for next year.

  3. Very handsome looking dogs.
    What an experience for them both and you too.
    Good luck for next years show

  4. They look fabulous Julia. Well done on getting that far. Fingers crossed for next year! :0)