Monday, 3 May 2010

Peacock Garden - part 4 finished

Finally after a marathon month of stitching, I have finished part 4!
Now to start on part 5........


  1. Congratulations on this gorgeous finish!
    Enjoy stitching the peacocks. Part 5 is much smaller; you'll be glad about that (as I am too).

  2. Amazing, this is so beautiful

    I have acutally seen one of these Chatelaines close up as Kathy had a couple of them at the meet-up, the pics on the computer just do not do them justice if you have never seen them. Well done Julia.

  3. Absolutely stunning Julia, look forward to seeing part 5.Watching your needlework projects what can I say your work is incredible. No words really just fab-u-lous.

  4. This really is a stunning piece, am really enjoying watching it develop. :0)