Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Peacock Garden - Part 6

I've finally got around to updating my blog, so here is this months part of my Chatelaine.

The 'Thing' that has taken up all my spare time this month started with taking over my old neighbours derelict veg garden and transforming it into something tidy and usefull!

The garden is all set now with Veg and I eagerly await the produce now.....yummy!


  1. The peacocks are gorgeous!
    You do have a big veg garden. The yummy part will take some time, although some tasty plants grow fast.

  2. Beautiful peacocks! I wish my veg patch was as big as that

  3. It really is a stunner! All that hard work looks like it will pay off with lots of tasty goodies. :0)

  4. WOW!! that is beautiful

    Lots of hard work gone into that veg patch, hope you gets lots of nice goodies to munch on