Wednesday, 14 July 2010

East of England Champ Show - 11.07.10

Well my long journey down to Peterborough was well worth it this weekend. My little star - Orchid was placed 3rd in Junior Golden Retriever Bitch with another Crufts qualifier. We then went on to the Junior Bitch stakes, any variety of Gundog or Utility Breed. To my amazement we were placed 2nd! What a little star she is and she wasn't phazed by the high temps and strong winds down there bufferting the marquees either. Next week we are at Leeds, taking Brook as well, so fingers crossed.


  1. Yeah, I think the TUSAL is still running. Members of the SAL have been posting on their own all along. Yoyo has been MIA for quite some time and a few of us have made comments of concern for her. Hopefully she turns up soon and well.

  2. What a champion she is..... good luck for next week too.