Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Year Update

Happy New year to all!
Well, the New Year didn't arrive very smoothly. I managed to get the dreaded Flu, that put me in hospital with pneumonia for a couple of days along with a severe Asthma attack. Not what I really wanted to start the year with!
Clover is growing well and now 4 months old. She's fitted in really well with the 'Gang' and loves her big brother - Brook
Orchid is getting bigger by the day and only has 10 days left to her whelping date. She really doesn't know what is happening to her and is very clingy with me now. This weekend is count down start and I need to rearrange the house ready for her (& my) comfort for the next few weeks. I'm putting her whelping box beside my stitching chair so that she feels content and I can stitch away without her realising I'm keeping a watchful eye on her along with laptop & camera for the pics!
Crufts is looming fast and Willow & Brook's entries have been sent in. Cant believe I'm taking Willow down at 8½ years old, never thought she'd be back in the ring a few years ago after the problems having her puppies.
On the stitching front, well I have'nt got much time! I'm trying to get my Mary Wigham finished, and for Christmas I promised I would stitch a picture of Willow for my husband, so that is next in the stitching list - just need to order the fabric now- I have the chart back from DMC.
As soon as I have news on the pups I will post pics.


  1. That is indeed a bad way to start a new year! I hope you feel better now and also hope the remaining part of the year will be much better.
    Count down to whelping date: thrilling!

  2. Oh Julia, i'm sorry to read you have been so sick, i hope you are soon feeling 100%

    Hope all goes well for Orchid

  3. Poor you! At least you have lots of exciting things coming up!! My oldest bitch is 7 1/2 and I'm planning on showing her in veteran this year. I can't believe it as she had a brain tumor when she was 18 months old and she had such a tiny chance of survival. We should meet up some time at a champ show as we will both be there on gundog day. We might have to do it near the Goldens benches, the Gordon benches are always complete chaos! Very glad to hear you are no the mend and the pregnancy is going well.

  4. Hi Charlie, A meet up would be great. I've set up a new blog just for the kennel, so I will post on their which champ shows I'm attending and hopefully catch up with each other. Link to new blog is in recent update.