Sunday, 21 February 2010

Belated Family Christmas

Yesterday we travelled down to my old home town in Nottinghamshire to my Aunt & Uncles House. We left 2 inches of snow behind us, but the car managed to keep it on the bonnet & roof, and 165 miles later we arrived still with Northumberland snow attached, much to everyones amusement! The whole family of 14 and 4 dogs had lunch and tea together along with a lovely walk for those who wanted to. A few games played and then the Secret Santa presents. Instead of a Christmas Cake, my cousin Jacq had made a wonderfully decorated New Year cake. A family group photo was taken again as we don't know when we will get the whole family together again as the children are away at colleges & universities now. I took one of my Aunts & Uncle together with their grandaughters, Orchid thinks she was included in that bracket! We all set of for home late evening, and we landed home just on midnight. A long day but so lovely!


  1. That cake looks lovely. Beautiful family pic too.

  2. Nice pic of the family.

    That cake looks wonderful.