Monday, 1 February 2010

Border Counties Gundog Open Show - 31.01.10

Well after the snow we had on Saturday, quite out of the blue the depth we got, I never made it to the show I was entered at, but by Sunday the roads had been cleared and we were able to get across to Carlisle.
Orchid managed a very respectable 3rd in GR Puppy class and 2nd in both GR Junior Bitch and Novice classes. Brook unfortunately slipped and fell in the ring and on his run around seemed a bit lame so had to be withdrawn :(   but by the time we came home he appeared sound again and only his pride was hurt.

Part 2 of the Peacock Garden Chatelaine was released last night, so that piece is back on the frame now. This will be my priority piece for the start of the month, then onto something else, maybe some more of Mary Wigham or St Sophia, decisions, decisions!!!


  1. I saw the snow on the news, we were threatenend with it too but only got real bad frosts.

    Well done to Orchid, poor Brook

    Looking forward to Part 2 of PF, the colours in this are splendid

  2. Poor Brook - hope he's OK now. Well done Orchid. :0)