Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Years Day Snow.

New Years day brought us around 5 inches of snow, which for us living on the coast is a rarity. The dogs thought it was great fun, who says snow is just for kids!!! Here is Brook and Orchid having a truly mad time in it, just wonder how long it will last for now?


  1. Great photo, they are certainly having fun!

  2. Priceless piccie, what fun!

  3. Wow they sure look like they are enjoying themselves hun. I just love Retrievers and we are hoping to get one soon.

    My hubby grew up with them, they had about 10 (not all at once mind lol). When I met him they had Burmese Mountain Dog, and he was a soppy thing lol. Good luck with Crufts this year too hun.

    Hugs xxxxx