Thursday, 28 January 2010

Mary Wigham Sampler

I've finally decided on my colour choice for this sampler. Shades of Lilac on 40ct Edinburgh linen (maybe I'm being a bit ambitious with 40ct!!) This is the first motif stitched, and I'm going to try and do 1 a week to get this project finised this year. I think 1 a week will be all my eyes can cope with on this count!!!
Now I need to get back to St Sophia over the weekend as from Monday part 2 of my Chatelaine will be out ready for stitching...oohh the excitement of it all. :))


  1. Gorgeous colour choices, my favourites - looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Very pretty, I love the colour choices

  3. Stunning colour choices! This one is going to be very exclusive.
    Part 2 of the Peacock Garden is out already!
    Happy stitching. I am still waiting for my kit :0(

  4. Nice colour choice, this is one i will enjoy watching develop over the year

  5. Ooo I do love your colours for this. So going to enjoy watching this one develop too. :0)